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Author with Chief Shipshewana Monument
Shipshewana – My Hometown

Shipshewana, Indiana,is named after a famous Potawatomi Indiana chief who lived on the banks of a lake near here. In the early 1830’s the first white settlers found the chief and his small band of Indians camped at the lake.

The old chief, whose name means Vision of a Lion, and his tribe, loved his homeland. They could hunt, fish, and raise crops in this beautiful place in northern Indiana. They lived here in peace with the settlers until the chief and his band of Potawatomi were forced by an Army militia to march to Kansas in 1838.

The chief survived the poor treatment and the march when many did not,but he longed for his home. He was allowed to return to his old campground on the banks of Lake Shipshewana. He died there in 1841 and was buried near the lake. Today a monument stands there to honor the chief.

Shipshewana has grown over the years from a small area dotted by teepees to a bustling Indiana community. My hometown is a safe and pleasant place to live. Perhaps you should visit us!

Written by Olivia Schlabach
Shipshewana-Scott Elementary School
Mrs. Moeller's 4th Grade Class
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